Free Report: Better Relationships | Better Business

The accountancy sector has changed and developed in recent years more than most other professional sectors. Like it or not, we’re in the relationship business. What this means is that in order to manage change as accountants, we need to strengthen our relationship with clients.

We surveyed 900 business professionals across a spectrum of industries, including accountancy, to discover what relationships for themselves and their clients mean in 2016 and beyond. Together with Business Relationships expert, Dr. David Fraser, and chartered accountant & entrepreneur, Shaz Nawaz, we’ve produced this free report: Better Relationships | Better Business which challenges what it takes for accountants to build lasting relationships.

Summary of the report

  • Explore the different aspects and challenges in creating relationships and how changing technology in the workplace can help
  • Delve into the importance of positive working relationships and what impact they have on attracting new business and retaining existing clients
  • How being asked for advice over and above your main service offering could be turned to your advantage
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The authors

Dr. David Fraser

Dr. David Fraser is an author and speaker on professional relationship skills, leadership, and organisational development, particularly in the context of professional organisations, manufacturing businesses, and other complex settings. His expertise is an unusual blend of technology and management background, and the human dimensions of working life, acquired through focused research and study with world authorities on these subjects.

Shaz Nawaz

Shaz Nawaz is a chartered accountant & serial entrepreneur who owns, runs and manages four successful businesses ranging from a national award-winning accountancy practice to a children’s day nursery. Shaz’s skill and prowess as one of the UK’s most successful business growth strategists means that his services are constantly in demand and highly prized. Within excess of 2,750 business growth consultations to his name and real cash gains equaling tens of millions for his clients, he knows how to successfully grow a business.