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How to set up Blip by BrightHR

Many of our clients said they would love a clocking in system that integrated with BrightHR. So we built Blip: a mobile app that allows employees to clock in and out, and can help easily monitor their work hours.

Blip Login Screen
Step 1

Getting started

Head to the App Store or Play Store and download Blip by BrightHR.

Log into Blip using the same email address and password you use for BrightHR. If you have forgotten your password, don't worry - you can reset it here.

Blip Login Screen
Step 2

Generate & print QR codes

Generating and printing a QR code is the most crucial step.

Note: Only an administrator in BrightHR can generate new codes.

To generate a code, tap the cog in the top right and then 'Make BrightQR Code'. You'll see a message telling you that this will replace your current code. Tap 'Yes'.

Tap 'Print' to send the code to your compatible printer or 'Email' to send the code to your inbox.

Make sure you place the QR code at a place your staff can easily see when they come in and out. You can even have one in multiple locations - whatever's most convenient.

Important: If you need to generate a new QR code that replaces the old one, repeat the same steps. But remember, once a new QR code is generated the old one won't work anymore.

Blip QR Code
Step 3

b!ip by BrightHR is now ready for your employees to use

Let your staff know that Blip is ready

Simply copy and paste the link below into an email and they’ll be up and running too.

Blip Clock In Screen
Step 4

How to use Blip

Clocking in or out

To clock in your staff need to tap the icon in the middle and point their phone's camera at the QR code. Once the app scans the code, it will register your employee as clocked in. To clock out, staff should repeat these steps.

Log breaks

To log breaks your staff need to select ‘Start break’ on their Blip home screen and then ‘End break’ once they return to work. Blip records the start, end and length of their breaks. Plus, how many they take in a day.

Check who’s in or on a break

Select the ‘Who’s in right now?’ tab to see who’s clocked in or who’s taking a break in real time.

Amend wrong dates or times

Is there always one staff member that forgets to clock in or out? No worries, you can amend their shifts and break times by swiping left on your staff’s shift log and clicking ‘Edit’.

Save your team’s work history

Select ‘Team history’ to find a record of your staff’s work hours. If you want to keep a record, filter the date and export their history as a spreadsheet.

Need help?

If you need help, tap the 'Get Help' option from the menu under the cog icon, and give us a call.

Blip Clock In Screen
Step 5

Help us improve Blip

We need your feedback

The easiest way is to use the 'Send Feedback' option from the menu under the cog icon. We want to make Blip as good as possible so please enter as much information as you can.

Alternatively you can leave us feedback below.

We hope you find this app useful, and with your help we can make it into something brilliant.