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It Pays to Play

Life’s too short to take work too seriously.

The idea of ‘fun’ and ‘play’ at work is becoming increasingly important to workers who want to be creative, committed and motivated.

Fun at work can:

  • Reduce absence
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower levels of stress

Working with world-leading expert on wellbeing at work, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, and the team at his university spin-off company, psychological wellbeing consultants Robertson Cooper, we carried out a survey of 2,000 employees from across the UK*.

From massage days to office pets, we found a load of ways that modern, progressive companies can help their staff be more productive, happier and more satisfied at work.

Laughing and having fun won’t negate all the amazing work you do, it will actually help you improve the great things you’re already doing, and think differently about some of the challenges you face.