The Little Book of HR Fibs

White lies. We’ve all told a little white lie to cover up that we overslept or fancied a duvet day. But the fibs in our Little Book of HR Fibs take it to the next level. Get your free copy to discover some of the best (and worst) HR fibs and what they really mean.

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Absence costs the UK £11 billion per year

Are you keeping track of lateness, sickness and long-term absence in your organisation? With BrightHR you can manage all staff data, leave and absence at any time, from any location, whilst our BrightGuru employment law advice line allows you to address the effect of any issues that arise relating to absenteeism, as well as a variety of other topics ranging from maternity to tribunals.

  • Secure, paperless HR software you can trust
  • Employment law advice line for peace of mind
  • Dedicated support and advice (you know, should you ever need it)
  • Complete control anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful reporting to give you intelligent insights
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