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Employees having fun and being productive? You betcha! Workplace culture is more important than ever. With younger generations expecting a fun and engaging culture as standard, how can you adopt this kind of environment in your business? And how can you make it work for you?

With research taken from 2000 surveyed SME business owners and insights from Graham Allcott - author of ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ - as well as top HR industry leaders, we look at how play and work go hand in hand and how today’s businesses need to consider the positive effect on productivity and business growth.

Find out...

  • Why play is important to your business
  • Why monitoring productivity matters 
  • The causes of poor productivity and how to tackle it 
  • The link between productivity, engagement and your bottom line
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From the Author:

"It’s time to re-educate ourselves. To unhook ourselves from the limiting belief that fun has no place in the office, or is counter-productive. It’s time to embrace the stress-busting, creativity-enhancing, conflict-reducing, morale-boosting, sickness-day-busting power of fun. And since it also enhances productivity, the question is no longer can you afford to, the question is can you afford not to" 

Graham Allcott