1. Download PoP

Head to App Storeor Play Store and download PoP.

You don’t need to set up new details. Simply log into PoP using the same email address and password that you use for BrightHR. Forgotten your password? No problem—you can reset it here.

Now, you can manage your employees’ expenses on the go.
Let’s get started…

2. How to approve expenses

Select the main menu icon in the top left of the home screen to open a dropdown menu. Click ‘Approvals’ to see all your team’s expense requests in one place.

To approve an expense, simply swipe left. And to decline it, swipe right.

PoP then removes the request from your ‘Approvals’ list and stores it in ‘Archive’, which you can refer back to whenever you need to. It’s that simple.

3. Customise categories

There are six popular expense categories that your staff can choose from:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Food & drink
  3. Office supplies
  4. Parking
  5. Travel
  6. Other

You can manage these categories easily by going to ‘Preferences’ in the dropdown menu. To ‘show’ or ‘hide’ a category, simply select the one you want and move the slider button to choose whether you want it to display or not.

You can even add your own custom categories, too. Press the plus-sign button under the default list to write a new category name. Then, press tick-sign and your staff will see this new category next time they log an expense.

4. Add tags

Staff can also add a ‘tag’ when they log an expense.

For example, an employee could add the tag ‘July Conference’ to a hotel receipt, a restaurant bill and a mileage claim, so you can easily see that all three relate to one event.

If ‘tags’ are something that would help you, ask your staff to include them when they add an expense request.

5. Export expense records

PoP makes it easy for you to save a copy of your team’s expense history. Simply, select the share to social mediabutton and choose the expense records you want to save.

Then, press share to social media to choose how to send the records as a CSV file. You can use any email or messenger app that's installed on your mobile.

6. Use the built-in messenger

PoP lets you chat to employees about their expenses using instant messenger—so you no longer have to keep up with long-winded email threads.

Simply go to the expense request and select the ‘chat’ icon in the top right-hand corner. Then, you can send your employee a quick message about that specific receipt.

PoP also keeps a secure record of your chat, just in case you ever need to refer back to it.

7. What to do next

Let your staff know that they can set up PoP. Click the button below to send this step-by-step guide via email.

PoP is a new app, so we’d love to get your feedback. The easiest way to tell us what you think is to hit the ‘Feedback’ icon in the bottom bar of PoP.