1. Make an expenses claim

You don’t need to create a new login for PoP. Simply use the same email address and password that you use for BrightHR. Forgotten your password? No problem—you can reset it here.

Once you’ve logged in, click the button on the home screen and select ‘Add receipt’. You can upload a photo of your receipt or use your phone camera to snap a photo on the spot. Your receipt is your proof of purchase (and that’s what PoP stands for—we’re clever like that).

Just fill in a few extra details, and you’re good to go…

2. Add your supplier

The ‘Supplier’ field means the company or service provider’s name.

For example, your supplier might be ‘Starbucks’, ‘Northern Rail’, or ‘Park Hotel’.

Once you’ve added your supplier, select a category from the dropdown menu, such as ‘Food & Drink’, ‘Travel’ or ‘Accommodation’.

3. Add total amount

This is where you add the total amount of your expenses claim.

It could be the total amount on your receipt, or maybe you’re just claiming the money back for one item on your receipt.

You can change the currency in the dropdown menu, but don’t worry—your approver should have already set up your default currency for you.

4. Add tags

You can also include a personal ‘tag’ to group certain expenses together.

For example, you could add three separate expense claims for the same conference: a hotel receipt, a restaurant bill, and a mileage claim.

Add the tag ‘July conference’ to each one, and your approver (that’s the person who approves your holidays through BrightHR) can easily see that they all relate to the same event.

Once you’re done, press the button to submit and your approver will get an instant notification.

5. Claim mileage

You can claim back mileage, too. Simply click the button on the home screen, select ‘Add mileage’, and let PoP do the maths for you.

Just enter your start location, end location, and the cost per mile. Then, PoP works out the total expense amount in an instant.

6. Check your progress

On the bottom bar of the home screen, you’ll see ‘Pending’ and ‘Completed’.

Once your expense request has been approved, it will instantly disappear from ‘Pending’ and show in ‘Completed’.

7. Send instant messages

Once you’ve submitted an expense request, it displays a ‘chat’ icon in the top right-hand corner. So, if you have any questions about the expense, you can send a quick message to your approver.

PoP also keeps a secure record of your chat, just in case you ever need to refer back to it.

8. Help us improve PoP

PoP is a new app, so we’d love to get your feedback. The easiest way to tell us what you think is to hit the ‘Feedback’ icon in the bottom bar of PoP.